Chicago, Illinois and Dangling Eyeballs

The “L” passengers…

I just wanted to find Filene’s Basement.  I had been there a few times before, but always by happenstance.  Michigan Avenue is THE Street to go shop in Chicago, and Filene’s, also on Michigan Avenue, has the best deals in town on just about everything retail you can think of.  It takes me months to really find my way around a town.  In many ways, I’m lucky to be alive considering some of the places I’ve been lost in.  Realizing I’m map challenged, I did what any self-respecting woman would have done – I asked for directions.

Was it the Green line, or the Red line?  I knew I was close, as Chicago Avenue isn’t that far from Michigan, but my sense of direction was off, as usual.  Crossing the street and heading up the crowded stairs to the Red line, I was stuck standing behind a huge man wearing a short fur coat and climbing the stairs at a snail’s pace.  I decided to ask if I was headed in the right direction, yet again.  I tapped him on the back and said, “excuse me sir.”  Turning towards me, the first thing I noticed was his left eye.  It was hardly attached to the socket.  It bulged out so much, I thought it might fall to the stairs and roll down, lost for good, like the meatball from the kid’s song, On Top of Old Smokey…..”and then my poor meatball, it rolled out the door”…..   Bruises marred his swollen face and his once white tee-shirt was covered with dried blood and dirt.  He answered, “yea?”  “Is this the way to Michigan Avenue?  I’m trying to get to Filene’s Basement.” I asked, trying not to stare at the eyeball dangling in front of me.  “Yea, you wanna go up here, take a left and hop the Red line ‘n get off two stops.” he answered politely.  “Thanks,” I said, and went about my way to Filene’s……


3 thoughts on “Chicago, Illinois and Dangling Eyeballs

  1. Mindy Hillman May 31, 2012 / 8:52 am

    I’m proud of you for not screaming when he turned around!!

  2. Dad May 31, 2012 / 12:47 pm

    You gotta be careful of guys with dangling eyeballs!

  3. Jeni Johnson June 5, 2012 / 11:55 pm

    We loved Chicago! I thought it topped the cleanest city list. Lived in Lake Bluff and road the train in for 40 minute Comfortable ride. Never saw a dangling eyeball but I had to say, you handled it really well. Sometimes the most unassuming people surprise us with their kindness.

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