Wall Scratch, Photographs

“Everyone has to scratch on walls somewhere or they go crazy”
– Michael Ondatje

I spent part of my morning on Capital Hill in Seattle chatting with a friend while enjoying both her and the atmosphere at Bau Haus Coffee.  I know it’s über trendy and all and typically I avoid such places, but I gotta say, they have damn fine coffee and the art and books made me feel like I was in my own house.  Okay, I’m sold – just this once I’ll frequent the trend….damnit.

I also tend to have a small fascination with graffiti.  Not the graffiti that has no real meaning mind you, but the words people feel they need to share with the world on the bathroom wall or likewise.  I wonder how many other people have lingered on the pot for a few minutes after piddling, just to finish reading the wall….or was that just me?

Bau House Loo – Jennifer Allison
Bau House Loo 2 – Jennifer Allison
Bau House Loo 3 – Jennifer Allison

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