Maui, Hawaii and Bicycle Poke with Statues

“I once heard a grouty northern invalid say that a coconut tree might be poetical, possibly it was; but it looked like a feather-duster struck by lightning.”
– Mark Twain

I tend to spend a bit of time in Hawaii for work.  Recently I spent the day in Kihei, on the island of Maui.  Of all the islands, Maui is one of my favorites.  As usual, I didn’t have too much time to myself, but made the best of what time I did have.  I’m not really a “lay out on the beach” kind of woman.  If I’m in the sun, which I love to be, I prefer to be active – snorkeling, stand-up paddle-boarding, riding bikes, etc.  I love to read on the beach, but usually find shade to do so.

My company booked a new hotel and I was thrilled to find that they offer bicycles for use to hotel guests.  I threw on my bikini, shorts, hat and flip flops and sunscreen and headed out on bike to explore Kihei.  I always forgo the tourist places (including the busy beaches) and like to find out-of-the-way gems.  I find it much easier to do so on a bike as I’m able to expand my search by miles and miles.

In Kihei in particular I have a few favorite places I like to go.  One is an out of this world seafood market and cafe named Eskimo Candy.  It’s not on the main road so not many people but the locals and those that do their research know where it is.  These guys bring in the fresh fish daily and not only do they make a good fry, but my very favorite dish of all time – Ahi Poke.  I do believe I could eat poke every day for the rest of my life and not get tired of it.  After purchasing some Shoyu and Wasabi Poke packed on ice I threw it in my basket and headed back out on my bicycle.

My next stop was to Ki-Hana Nursery.  I never buy anything there as I’d have to lug it home with me, but I like to meander around the nursery and check out the native plants, clay pots and garden statues.  In my head I daydream about all the different garden designs I can come up with if I should ever have a garden in a warm climate.

Before my ice began to melt and ruin my Poke I was back on the road in search of a good papaya to go with my fish.  I found one at a local fruit stand for only a dollar, grabbed some juice while I was at it and a few hours later was sitting on my lanai, listening to the birds which filled palm trees near me as I enjoyed my lunch… isn’t so bad indeed…

Ki-Hana, Jennifer Allison
Ki-Hana, Jennifer Allison
Ki-Hana II, Jennifer Allison
Ki-Hana II, Jennifer Allison

3 thoughts on “Maui, Hawaii and Bicycle Poke with Statues

  1. gabrielablandy January 17, 2013 / 8:02 am

    Love that quote. And I have to say that I’m inclined to get envious of people who can say: I tend to spend a bit of time in Hawaii!!

  2. Swami Tommy January 17, 2013 / 10:45 pm

    Pretty cold here kiddo!

  3. V January 21, 2013 / 11:19 pm

    Maui! A place where one can explore by bus all day for just $2. A place that taught me that sometimes you just have to take your clothes off and jump in -risk; and when u feel it’s the end and have lost hope, “don’t panic” God will be there 2 assist you out of the rip tide(the ocean is terrifyingly powerful yet peaceful)- faith & love . I never got to snorkle but a whole new world opened itself up 2 me both spiritually and physicallly.
    Thank YOU!

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