Relief, A Photograph

“Where the waters do agree, it is quite wonderful the relief they give.”
  – Jane Austen

Tomorrow I am leaving for the warm desert of California for a long weekend getaway.  This morning I walked my trusty dog alongside the frigged water near my house.  A contrast in landscapes – One warm and dry and one cold and wet.  I’ve decided I like them both, if not for their mere contrasts alone.  I’m not sure I could ever live permanently in the desert though.  Although I am far more a land lover than a sea lover, I need it near.  I need to see it.  To smell it.  To be a part of the “relief” it gives, however it’s done…

Home - Jennifer Allison

Home – Jennifer Allison


6 thoughts on “Relief, A Photograph

  1. “I need to live in a city that has mighty oceanic waves nearby. Probably I’d be mildly happy if it was close to a sea, or even a lake, as long as it’s large enough to merge with the sky on the horizon.”

    As my quote shows, it’s not uncommon this need of yours to have the sea near.

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