Strange, A Photograph

“I used to think I was the strangest person in the world but then I thought there are so many people in the world, there must be someone just like me who feels bizarre and flawed in the same ways I do. I would imagine her, and imagine that she must be out there thinking of me too. Well, I hope that if you are out there and read this and know that, yes, it’s true I’m here, and I’m just as strange as you.”
– Frida Kahlo

Amen Frida, Amen

Creepy, Jennifer Allison
Creepy, Jennifer Allison


3 thoughts on “Strange, A Photograph

  1. laurenisinsane May 8, 2013 / 9:36 pm

    WHOAH!!! Cool!!! I’m not the strangest person in the world!! Hey wats up fellow misfit!!! I like ur photo!! Its deep, slightly disturbing, and strange XD i LOVE it!!!

  2. Aggy August 6, 2014 / 3:07 pm

    Three’s nothing like the relief of finding what you’re looking for.

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