Pink, The New Normal

“Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.”
― Albert Camus

I drive my son to school on the days he is with me. Each day on my way home from dropping him off I pass a man running.

He’s always looked the same; an older gentleman with a short gait, hard lips and furrowed brow. Honestly, I’ve always thought him to look miserable and blamed it on all that running he was doing. “How fun could that be? No wonder,” I’d think as I passed him.

But that wasn’t why he looked so unhappy.

Last week, on my way home, I passed him again – only this time his gait was longer; as if he was running on a cloud, his brow was soft and his lips almost seemed to have a relaxed smile planted on them.

What was different about this man? Well, instead of his drab black and grey running clothes I was used to seeing him in, he wore a pink jacket, pink and white running shoes, a bit of make-up and a little pink and white running skirt. Yeap, he finally, as Albert Camus might agree, stop putting so much energy on being normal – being accepted.

At first I wondered if it were a joke. Maybe it was a dare or he had lost a bet.

Although after a few weeks of seeing his light-footed, bathed in pink, relaxed-self run without the mask he wore so heavily, it’s safe to say that he has finally stopped the “normalcy” he thought he needed to exude.

I want to stop and congratulate him but think it might be unwanted attention so instead, I smile big, I cheer him on each day I pass him and I know that should he ever stop running, my mornings will be a little less bright – less pink.

Subsequently, since my arrival home a few weeks ago from Spain I’ve run every day but a few. I’m not a “runner” but for some odd reason have felt the need to run – hard. Each day I run until I feel as though my heart will explode and my legs will give out. Then I stop and go home. I don’t know how long my need will last or how my yoga practice will suffer. However when the feeling wains, maybe I’ll just wear more pink…



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