Twisted Santa Monica, A Photograph

“They are dragged to the withered bracken by the load, 
And they seem not to break; though once they are bowed 
So low for long, they never right themselves.” 
– Robert Frost

I spent last weekend on a mini-getaway in Santa Monica.  Before I left I told myself I would only take five photographs the entire four days.  It was a challenge as I usually take multiple shots and then decide which I like better.  This challenge to myself was to not just point and snap, but search for the perfect subject and then take only one photograph of it.  This is what I came away with….just the one…

Most people in Southern California look the roughly the same, so I couldn’t find any real interesting subjects in humans.  The trees however, were so cool the way they seemed to emerge from the dirt like a giant earth worm, then settle back in, that I used all of my five shots just on them.

Twisted, Jennifer Allison
Twisted, Jennifer Allison


Still Face, Photograghs

“For your sake, I hurry over land and water;
For your sake, I cross the desert and split the mountain in two,
And I turn my face from all things,
Until the time I reach the place
Where I am alone with you.”
– Al Hallaj

I took these photographs while visiting Joshua Tree National Park this past weekend …. A still and peaceful place

Tree, Jennifer Allison
Tree, Jennifer Allison
Joshua, Jennifer Allison
Joshua, Jennifer Allison
Alone, Jennifer Allison
Alone, Jennifer Allison

Relief, A Photograph

“Where the waters do agree, it is quite wonderful the relief they give.”
  – Jane Austen

Tomorrow I am leaving for the warm desert of California for a long weekend getaway.  This morning I walked my trusty dog alongside the frigged water near my house.  A contrast in landscapes – One warm and dry and one cold and wet.  I’ve decided I like them both, if not for their mere contrasts alone.  I’m not sure I could ever live permanently in the desert though.  Although I am far more a land lover than a sea lover, I need it near.  I need to see it.  To smell it.  To be a part of the “relief” it gives, however it’s done…

Home - Jennifer Allison
Home – Jennifer Allison