I smell…

“Ooh, but I still smell her.”
Giovanni Arpino, The Scent of a Woman

I smell…

Like a woman.

Although sometimes, when leaving my house, I’ll add one spritz of CoCo Chanel Mademoiselle or Dolce and Gabbana’s Light Blue (depending on the occasion) to my décolletage. But generally I wear Jennifer.

I like the smell of a man too. The natural scent of skin and sweat and all the good things that come with it and it’s something I miss about not having a partner near. Sure I have my favorite male cologne that I enjoy once in a while, but like my Jennifer scent, I prefer the natural scent of whomever I’m with.

As you can imagine, I was in shock when I read a NY magazine article about a new Silicon Valley start-up company who’ve created a pro-biotic strong enough to make a woman’s vagina smell like peaches. And I mean an actual peach.

I understand there may be women (and men for that matter) that have a strong odor and to that I cannot speak as I’ve not experienced it. So admittedly I’m generalizing here – using the average woman and her average smells.

But what about the scent of a woman? The average woman. And men…the average man.

Without a doubt, men have their own pressures. Soon they’ll be a pill that will change the smell of semen to something fruity. However, it seems as though society has gone a bit overboard on our gender pressures, both socially and physiologically.

When did smelling like a human become so utterly unbecoming?

When did smelling like a woman become passé?

For that matter, when did looking like a woman become passé?

Is it just me, or is all the customizing of us humans considerably dehumanizing?

I’ve not had my personal Jennifer scent critiqued, but I’ve had my body on the chopping block a few times. One partner thought that I was too fat, another I was too thin, and yet to another, I was just right; womanly. Yes, like Goldie Locks and the Three Bears. Interestingly enough, my “too fat” and “too skinny” were within only 6 lbs of each other. I realized later in life that if I tried to please everyone with a measly 6lbs of flesh, I’d confuse the hell out of myself. Therefore, I simply accepted my small but curvy frame.

Lord knows we’ve pressure to look a certain way and now it appears that we must smell a certain way as well. I’ve already written about the female genital mutilation so prevalent within Europe and the United States in my article “Barbie’s Vagina” so I won’t go on about that. However, doesn’t the idea of not allowing ourselves to have a lovely natural smell seem a bit absurd?

Would I be too off base to guess that the makers of the “peachy” product don’t like woman much, or the smells that come with loving one. Or would they say that, on the contrary, they love woman to bits, which is why they would like to control the way they smell….and look….and act….